Hunterdon County Technical Rescue Task Force

Today’s quarterly drill with the Hunterdon County Technical Rescue Task Force was held in Clinton Township.

The Hunterdon County Technical Rescue Task Force (HCTRTF) held its quarterly exercise today on the 25-acre Windy Acres Park in Clinton Township this morning, with a scenario that tested multiple disciplines. The drill, led this quarter by member agency the Clinton First Aid & Rescue Squad, was made possible by the Clinton Township Committee and Department of Public Works.

At just after 8am, the HCTRTF members gathered and were dispatched to a report of a car vs structure, with possible entrapment and collapse. Units from the member agencies of the Task Force began to arrive and command was established by Clinton Rescue's Deputy Chief of Rescue, who reported a car vs house, car into the basement with 3 entrapped, and a boat they were towing had become dislodged and entrapped a worked in a trench that was open for septic work. Luckily this was all just a drill.

Arriving units were challenged not only with the prepared scenario, but also with some logistical hurdles to over come. Access to this house was down a single lane dirt road leading into the Township's newest park land, and while 2 weeks of work had been placed into preparing the road, heavy rains late Friday night had washed away part of the access. So the task force went into gear and established an off-site staging location at Belgian Block Sales Co. on Main St. The heavy equipment that normally can be driven right up to a scene was staged, with the grateful permission of the companies owners, who still have family living on the property, and then equipment was ferry'ed in using off-road vehicles.

Task Force members are trained and equipped to handle technical rescues including Collapse Structures, Trench Collapses, Confined Space Rescues and High & Low Angle Rope Rescues. Several of the previous calls for the HCTRTF have lead to access challenges, so this was nothing new. A Staging Officer was assigned, equipment identified, and brought on multiple types of equipment, including an ASAP Off-Road Ambulance, Pickup Trucks and two military surplus vehicles, a "deuce and a half 6x6" and a "5 ton 6x6".

Once all personnel were on scene, including over forty members from the Task Force, several from Lebanon Borough Fire Company, who is the local fire company and on scene to assist, and township officials, the hard work started. The teams were broken into different tasks, including a Shoring Team to make the house safe and secure to enter and operate in and around; a Trench Ops Team, to complete the removal of the boat, secure the trench so rescuers could safely enter it and remove the patient; an Extrication Team to complete extrication of the victims in the car, once the structure around them was secured; a Cut Station team, who helped prepared lumber necessary to support both the Trench & Shoring operations; and an EMS/Rehab team. All teams reported into an Incident Commander who was supported by personnel from the Hunterdon County Department of Public Safety, who the Task Force falls under.

In just under 3 hours, all areas where rendered safe, a total of 4 simulated victims removed and sent to care, and personnel broke for a quick lunch and debrief on scene.

The Hunterdon County Technical Rescue Task Force was established in 1999 following events of Hurricane Floyd and prior technical type rescues. Member agencies in addition to the Hunterdon County Department of Public Safety include:
Clinton First Aid & Rescue Squad
Flemington-Raritan First Aid & Rescue Squad
Whitehouse Rescue Squad
City of Lamberville Fire Department

The Clinton First Aid & Rescue Squad, who hosted and organized this quarter's drill, would like to send a very special thank you out to to entire Clinton Township Committee including the Mayor, President and council members who supported and attended today, as well as the Township Administrator, Department of Public Works and Office of Emergency Management for their support and help in converting the overgrown dirt access road into a safe access and work zone over the last 2 weeks. We'd also like to thank all participating members of the HCTRTF as well as the Lebanon Borough Fire Company for allowing us to use their station for clean up and placing all equipment back in service at their station.

Photos from Whitehouse Rescue Squad, Readington, NJ's post

Happy 80th birthday to our dedicated member Lance Booth!

Lance has served many operational and executive positions within our department, including President.

Thank you Lance for your long time dedication to the squad and your community!

Tonight the squad was alerted to assist with lifting up an injured horse weighing over 1200 pounds on Cole Rd. in Readington. Both ambulances and the heavy rescue responded in minutes and arrived on scene to find the horse in the mud injured, cold, tired and not happy! The rescue company along with the Whitehouse Fire Company operated for over an hour assisting lifting the horse. The Hunterdon County Technical Rescue Task Force was requested but cancelled prior to any additional units arriving.

The teamwork that was between the on scene vets, horse owners, firefighters, EMTs, and rescue members made the outcome for the horse as positive as possible. The horse was successfully lifted using airbags and straps and was assisted to the barn where it is now safely resting and being taken care of.

Flemington-Raritan First Aid and Rescue Squad

Participating as part of the Hunterdon County Technical Rescue Task Force in a joint drill last evening.

The member agencies of the Hunterdon County Technical Rescue Task Force (Lambertville FD, Whitehouse FARS, Clinton FARS, Flemington - Raritan FARS, and Hunterdon County Public Safety) conducted a refresher drill on structural collapse rescue skills at the Hunterdon County ESTC in preparation for a full-scale collapse rescue exercise in March. Personnel rotated through four skills stations over about four hours, including Paratech raker shores, converting a two post Paratech vertical shore into a three post wood shore, cutting station set-up and shoring layout, working with framing nailers and palm nailers, and technical search equipment including the Recon III search camera, Delsar Life Detector (acoustic / seismic sensor system), and the gasoline coring drill. Personnel pushed through the skill stations despite the wind and bitter cold temperatures. Dinner was provided to those in attendance courtesy of Flemington Rescue. (Photos courtesy of HC Deputy OEM Coordinator A. Camp)

Photos from Whitehouse Rescue Squad, Readington, NJ's post

This afternoon the ambulance and rescue crews have operated on route 78 for two seperate motor vehicle accidents with our partners from Oldwick Fire Company and East Whitehouse Volunteer Fire Department.

Remember we are still in a state of emergency, please stay off the roads if at all possible.

We participated in an active shooter drill as part of the RTF yesterday in Raritan Township with our partnering agencies Clinton First Aid and Rescue Squad, Inc. Milford-Holland Rescue Squad, Inc. Flemington-Raritan First Aid and Rescue Squad

Pictured are Deputy Chief Lewis Moore and EMT Carsten Janes of the WHRS.

Active Shooter Drill in Raritan Township Brings Squad's RTF Response Teams
Readington Township Police Department

Do you know this dog? Contact the Readington Police Department to help him find his way home!

Found near Naraticong Trail and Centerville. The dog is currently in police custody however animal control (Animal Control Solutions) is on way. Please call the police or ACS if you know the owner.

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Photos from Whitehouse Rescue Squad, Readington, NJ's post

This past weekend members worked with our neighbors at the Whitehouse Fire Company to qualify Webelos Scouts for their First Responder Achievement. Members went through various medical and trauma scenarios while members at the fire company went through other various fire related topics.